Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Fear of Flying

Anyone who knows me, knows I hate to fly. It isn't natural. I wish it were illegal. I'm that afraid. 

Last weekend my husband was in his friends wedding. It was a full weekend of rehearsal and getting ready. We stayed at a lodge in a lovely little town not too far from where we live. It was really nice!

Well Friday night after the rehearsal and dinner, everyone came back to the lodge main house for a little party. I met some very interesting characters to say the least. I thought my husband and I were these big nerds. We've got nothing on some of these folks! Ha! But all in all, everyone was super nice and fun to be around. 

One of the grooms men's sisters came out and I found out she is a flight attendant. I immediately had to ask her what should I do? I'm SO afraid of flying. She said, "Well, I don't know if this will help. But remember that planes are not made to fly, they're made to crash safely." 

Um, what?! This chic just told me planes are made to crash?! Ok, I needed a drink. 

It gets better...she then tells me that if the planes goes down, I'm likely to die of a heart attack or because we've crashed. But the plane will most likely be fine. 

Let's just take a moment and thank the good Lord above that this girl is not like a cancer doctor or anything!!

Did any of that information help me stop fearing flying? 

What do you think?!

As I'm reading this to my husband, he's laughing at me. This is real life! This really happened y'all! 

And now I'm also afraid of strangers at parties. 

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