Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Habitual Haircuts

Every month about the same time, my brother asks if he can get a haircut. Every. Month. Same. Time. Now I know that this should not be a little annoying, but let me tell ya - it is.

I'm sorry. I know the boy wants a haircut. He does not have to ask me about it every single month. But, he does. Bless his heart, I know. But come on kid! You barely have any hair. And one of these days, when you tell the girl how short you want it, she is going to tell you that very thing. If you keep trimming what's barely there, do you think it's going to keep growing?

I wonder, has heard the thing about shaving (like face or legs) making hair come back thicker? Because if that's what he is thinking, I guess I better have a talk with him.

He's about to be bald. Which is probably about right. My mother's father was mostly hairless at a rather young age.

He was also grey headed and I mean like white/ silver. And if he were still alive, I'd be pickin bones with him over that! I may not have gotten much from him, but that I did. Thanks a lot Papaw Alvie Lee! (I hope you know I'm kidding. I loved this man and miss him all the time)

So last night while we were waiting on dinner to arrive (that fancy pizza delivery) he asked, "Hey Sis, can I get my hair cut tomorrow?" And I know, I know, it shouldn't make me cringe! But y'all it does. I can't help it.

I said, "We'll have to see Bub. It all depends on if I have to work late. We'll see".

And then, when I look at him, he looks like his 8 year old self. And I feel like an ass. Because I feel like I told him no (even though I did not) and like I broke his heart.

The boy doesn't have much. I need to let him get his habitual haircuts.

I'm gonna. I'm gonna just let him cut his hair until he's got nothing left but peach fuzz.

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