Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Staring is Still Rude

Sunday night I wanted to eat Mexican for dinner. My husband and I had been in New Orleans all weekend and I'd had all the Cajun food I could handle. I love Mexican food and everyone agreed it would be good. So we set out to our favorite Mexican restaurant. It's a little further from our house but the food is worth the extra drive.

We pull into the parking lot and I tell my husband they look closed. I'm so confused because I'm sure we've eaten here on Sundays in the past. Once we pull a little closer to the building we see it is completely empty! I mean no tables, no seats, no cash register, nada.

So, I pull as close to the door as I can and my husband gets out to read a tiny paper sign that is taped to the door. It reads: Do to circumstances beyond our control, we are closed for business.

What?! NOOO!! Aw man, we loved that place. So many dates in the beginning of our relationship were at this very place. Total sad face.

Well, we're resilient creatures. We decide to go to another Mexican restaurant, even further from the house.

We get there and guess what...they're closed! Not for good, only for Sunday, but still. We're starting to think we'd better go get some frozen burritos from Winn Dixie and head to the house!

Well, we try one more place (which is my favorite) and alas! They're open!! Now here is where I should've said "I told ya" to my husband but I'm starving and I'm not as quick as normal.

We go in and order, eat some chips, and realize it is taking a very long time to get our food. Finally it comes out and I'm so full of chips and salsa that I haven't any room for the fajita taco salad I wanted so badly at the beginning of our quest.

So, we get to-go boxes and wait on the check. And wait. And wait. Finally, my brother and I decided to go outside while my husband waits. I wanted to smoke and he wanted to dip. (I know, nasty habits!) I get done smoking and start the truck so it will warm up. My brother is standing at the front of my truck dipping.

A young man gets out of his truck to the left of me and meets a young lady that parked to the right of me. As he walks, he is staring at my brother. Like, really staring with a strange look on his face. He keeps walking forward but continues to turn around and look at my brother. He sees me in my truck and tells the young lady something, then she turns around and stares at my brother.

All this time, I'm watching from my truck, wondering what they are looking at. Why are they staring at my brother and what was so odd about it that he mentioned it to the girl? I almost get out and ask if there is a problem but they walk inside.

I don't know what happened. I don't think my brother was mumbling to himself, it didn't look like it to me. I don't think he said anything to them, he was really looking at another truck that had pulled in the lot. He told me when he got in the truck that it was really nice.

So, I'd like to ask you, if you see something strange or different, is it ok to stare? When we were young, that's one of the first things our parents taught us - don't stare, it's rude. Staring is rude. It was 33 years ago and it still is today.

I was so upset about the staring and whispering that I almost forgot about my husband inside waiting for the check! The rest of the night it just bothered me so bad that these people who know nothing about us looked at us as if we were about to rob a bank or didn't belong at that restaurant.

Maybe I was just being especially emotional. Or maybe they are just rude. I guess we'll never know.

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