Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Stop the Microwave Madness

As I've mentioned before (I'm sure), I have OCD. Things have to be just right in my little world or I can't sleep at night.

My #1 pet peeve is a dirty microwave. It's gross and completely unnecessary. Just clean it when it looks dirty. I don't understand why you wouldn't.

My #2 pet peeve is microwave clocks that aren't set. Again, completely unnecessary. You get a new microwave, set the clock. You move into a new house with a microwave, set the clock (if the previous owners did not). It's very simple and it is a time saver. Say you're getting your first cup of coffee in the morning. You forgot to use deodorant, you need to know how much time you've got before you're running late. Check the microwave (because who wears a watch every day?). Boom, you've got a few minutes to run back into the bathroom, put the stick or spray can under your arm and save us all from an embarrassing conversation later this afternoon. *If you live in the south, like I do, you need your deodorant every day, no matter what, because there's a good chance it will be 85 degrees by 3 p.m.*

On any given day, if I walk into my kitchen and look at the microwave clock, it reads: READY or END. This means that one of the males I live with nuked something but didn't care to hit the STOP/CLEAR button after they pulled their dish or beverage from the microwave.

Do you have any idea how annoying this is?!


So last night I'm cooking dinner and using the nifty microwave timer (it can be used even while microwaving something). My dish needs to cook 45 minutes in the oven. My brother recently decided he doesn't eat anything that has chicken in it. And of course, this pan in the oven does. So I tell him to just warm up his left overs from the night before and he can have that for dinner.

He does this and a few minutes later I go look at the microwave to see how much longer before my dinner is ready. The clock reads: 5:25P, which means it's 5:25 in the evening. Where the heck is my timer?! I asked him, "What did you hit when your food was finished warming?" "Um, the CLEAR button, I think", he says. "OH, the CLEAR button?! The button that you forever forget exists?! Suddenly it means something to you? And you choose the very day that I'm counting on my timer, to use this button that has magically appeared in your line of sight after a year of never seeing or using it?!" Are you kidding me?

I am almost certain my and my husbands dinner was completely cooked before we ate it. We didn't turn green with food poisoning, but it could happen people.

Stop the microwave madness! Use your microwave buttons appropriately, please!

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