Friday, January 31, 2014

Cabin Fever....It's For Real

I live in south Mississippi. It's hot! Like all the time - HOT. I hate it but I've pretty much always lived in the south and I have no one to blame but myself. I keep trying to convince my husband and brother to move to Alaska with me, but they're not having it.

We normally have mild winters, not really even a winter. Usually we all wear shorts through November and December. And if we're lucky, it gets cold in January. In December, we had a tacky sweater party at our house and it was so hot and humid that we ran the AC so no one would sweat.

So, that's the south; the real south. It aggravates the mess outta me when someone from North or South Carolina say they are from the south, to me they are northerners. You can tell by their accents - freakin' Yankees! (LOL! I'm not prejudiced, just get real y'all)

Ok, so the local weather started calling for a "winter storm". They had us all excited that we would get some snow. Snow I like, ice I do not. And guess what we got?! Ice, lots and lots of ice.

Tuesday morning I get up as usual, get ready for work and head that way. About 30 minutes after I get here I email my boss. I told him, he really did not need to drive all the way from MS/ AL state line today because it will be too bad. It was already very cold and sleeting. He texts me and tells me to get home before it gets too bad to go. So I leave, but before I do, every guy that lives locally called in - "I can't make it, I can't drive in this." For real? I did. But I'm going home by now, so I don't care too much.

I make it home and my brother says it's snowing! I look outside and it looks like snow. I walk outside and I hear it. Yea, you shouldn't be able to hear snow. It sleet! Freaking sleet! And it keeps up until about 6 o'clock that evening.

My boss texts me and says not to worry about going to work on Wednesday either. But I'm stubborn see? So yep, I got up at my normal time and got ready to go to work. My husband tells me to check the driveway before I try driving out. And sure enough, it's about 3 inches of nothing but ice. I'm not going anywhere. I worked from home again. And haven't been anywhere since the morning before. I'm not a happy camper!

Finally, after my husband and a neighbor chop and shovel all the ice away from the drive, I tell him I can't stand it one more minute. I gotta get outta here!

I had just finished a book series with the worst imaginable, saddest ending ever. So at this point, I'm depressed and feeling closed in! No, we better go somewhere. Well, the roads are all blocked but I went around a few (safely) and went to buy a few groceries. Now I hate buying groceries! My husband is like, "You want to go to the grocery store?" And I'm like, "No but I don't want to stay here any longer, so let's go!"

I do not know how my brother does it. He stays at the house all day everyday. And then a lot of times, when we ask him to go somewhere with us after we get off work, he doesn't want to go. I worry about him, but he says he's fine. I don't know.....

A few more hours in that house and I might would've started a fire just to get out of there! I'm serious, a lot of not-so-sane things were going through my mind. It's kinda scary. But I didn't do anything and we made it safely out and back home again!

I was so happy to be out of the house yesterday (Thursday) when my boss told me to go home early because it was my birthday,  I told him "nuh-uh!".

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Stop the Microwave Madness

As I've mentioned before (I'm sure), I have OCD. Things have to be just right in my little world or I can't sleep at night.

My #1 pet peeve is a dirty microwave. It's gross and completely unnecessary. Just clean it when it looks dirty. I don't understand why you wouldn't.

My #2 pet peeve is microwave clocks that aren't set. Again, completely unnecessary. You get a new microwave, set the clock. You move into a new house with a microwave, set the clock (if the previous owners did not). It's very simple and it is a time saver. Say you're getting your first cup of coffee in the morning. You forgot to use deodorant, you need to know how much time you've got before you're running late. Check the microwave (because who wears a watch every day?). Boom, you've got a few minutes to run back into the bathroom, put the stick or spray can under your arm and save us all from an embarrassing conversation later this afternoon. *If you live in the south, like I do, you need your deodorant every day, no matter what, because there's a good chance it will be 85 degrees by 3 p.m.*

On any given day, if I walk into my kitchen and look at the microwave clock, it reads: READY or END. This means that one of the males I live with nuked something but didn't care to hit the STOP/CLEAR button after they pulled their dish or beverage from the microwave.

Do you have any idea how annoying this is?!


So last night I'm cooking dinner and using the nifty microwave timer (it can be used even while microwaving something). My dish needs to cook 45 minutes in the oven. My brother recently decided he doesn't eat anything that has chicken in it. And of course, this pan in the oven does. So I tell him to just warm up his left overs from the night before and he can have that for dinner.

He does this and a few minutes later I go look at the microwave to see how much longer before my dinner is ready. The clock reads: 5:25P, which means it's 5:25 in the evening. Where the heck is my timer?! I asked him, "What did you hit when your food was finished warming?" "Um, the CLEAR button, I think", he says. "OH, the CLEAR button?! The button that you forever forget exists?! Suddenly it means something to you? And you choose the very day that I'm counting on my timer, to use this button that has magically appeared in your line of sight after a year of never seeing or using it?!" Are you kidding me?

I am almost certain my and my husbands dinner was completely cooked before we ate it. We didn't turn green with food poisoning, but it could happen people.

Stop the microwave madness! Use your microwave buttons appropriately, please!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Living By Words

I watched a video on YouTube (because I'm addicted!) last week on a channel called For Human Peoples; see them here: I don't remember how I got to it but there was a video: Giving Care Packs to the Homeless. If you have a few minutes, please go check it out.

And it got me thinking. A lot. About a lot of different things. But mostly about how much we have as individuals, as a nation, and as a world. We've got more than enough to go around, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

We have enough food on this planet right now, that not one man, woman, or child should go to bed hungry. We have enough buildings all over the world that not one person should have to sleep outside unless they want to go camping. We have enough!

I don't know why, but it makes me most sad when I see homeless people asking for food. We have enough to take  care of both of these things in just a few minutes.

Now, I'm not naïve, I know there are people who aren't really homeless or starving, sitting by a red light, just trying to see how much they can get. I know this, but I also know that I have looked into the watery eyes of a young man who had nothing and no where to go. And I did nothing.

This is a new year and I have decided to do more. I took a queue from that video I mentioned and I found an old backpack. Then I went to Wal-Mart and bought trial size toiletries, a $10 restaurant gift card, a note pad and pen, and some thick socks to fill the backpack. Now, this is by no means going to solve all the problems of the world, but it's a start. The next time I see a homeless person, I will happily give them this bag (I keep it in my truck) and pray he or she has a better day. Even if this person is not really homeless, aren't I doing the right thing? Helping someone I think is in need? Yes, I believe that if I'm doing it from the right places in my heart, it will make a difference.

I had another idea - I could go buy several $10 food gift cards and deliver them to the local homeless shelter. Maybe they could hand them out. I could do this weekly or monthly, or even a few times a year. Like I said before, this isn't going to solve everything at once, but it is a start at helping others.

I guess another reason I have a desire to help others is because by nature (or genetics), I consider myself a selfish person. And I hate it! I have people in my life who live to get pity. They don't care about anyone but themselves. They want everyone to feel sorry for them and give them whatever they want. Don't smile at them or tell them to have a good day! You'll get a pitiful reply about how no day is ever good. And these people I'm talking about have so much to be thankful for! They do not live on the streets - they have a pretty decent house, they have a refrigerator full of food, clean clothes, and family. But you wouldn't know it just by listening to them. And my greatest fear is to become like them. I can't. I just can't be that kind of person. I can't go through life living in such darkness. God gave us so much to enjoy! And this life is way too short to sit in a dark room and sleep it away or never laugh or smile or never love and let someone love us back.

So, I'm working on being the best person I can be. And these are the words I'm trying to live by:

"When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, "I used everything you gave me"."-- Erma Bombeck