Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Time is My Favorite!

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas! I did. I love this time of year. I start listening to Christmas music right after Halloween. I can't get enough! I love the weather (when it's actually cold) and just everything about this time of year.

I live in the South so this year for our tacky sweater party, it was so hot and humid, we had to have the air conditioner on all night. We didn't want our guests passing out from the heat! But it cooled off the next night, so we had a good, cold Christmas :)

I know that not everyone feels this way about the holidays. I feel like it is my mission to make everyone I meet to love it as much as I do. That doesn't always work, but I try. There was one year, at Christmas time, I was very much alone. I had just gotten divorced and was living far away from most of my family. I had my aunt who lived near me, but she had grandkids to make happy and it was just a very lonely time for me. I remember calling one of my brothers ( I have five) and crying. And he lived the farthest away from me! I also tried to go to a nursing home to volunteer. I thought maybe I could cheer up someone else and it would cheer me up. That is not what happened. It made me so sad that all these folks were alone that I just felt even worse. At that time, I thought, I'd be alone forever.

That was the only and last Christmas that I felt that way. Thank God! I know how blessed I am to have my brother and my husband in my life.

And I am so thankful for every one in my and my husband's family! We are never alone, unless we want to be. And oh my gosh, the food! I think we start eating and celebrating a week before Christmas day and we don't stop until January 2nd!

First, we have a lunch at one of his grandparents' home with his dad's side of the family. A few days later we eat Christmas eve with my family. And then, Christmas day, we eat breakfast at his parents and a few hours later, when the first inkiling of not being stuffed goes away, we eat lunch. I'm sure I gained a whole turkey this year. I'm not counting in pounds, I'm going to use dishes. I gained 1 turkey, 2 yams, and 4 rolls in about 5 days. Thank goodness I got new clothes :)

And y'all, I tried, I tried to not get angry with my brother, I really did try! Let's start with the first dinner at the grandparents' house. There were a lot of people, a lot. And it seemed to me, there was less food than normal and I thought, this will never feed all of us. So I get my plate and start picking a few items and I get just enough for a few bites. I look over at Brother's plate and he is piling the food on! I was so embarrassed. Everyone was making sure there was enough left for the next person, not Brother, he was gonna eat! So then he wants seconds.....always, right?! I asked him to please make sure everyone had gotten 1 plate before he started on # 2. There was no food left. So he got dessert instead.

As bad as I didn't want to, Christmas day, when he got his plate, I whispered to him to please make sure everyone had a 1st plate before he got seconds. He said he was only a little hungry so just 1 plate should do him. I would hope so! It was piled so high I could barely see his face!

I don't know if he thinks he is going to starve to death or what, but I truly wish he would not feel that way. He's never gone hungry since he's lived with me. And as long as I am breathing, he won't. But I just can't seem to convince him of it. Pray for me y'all!

We all ate a lot or at least a lot of times, LOL! Whew! I'm pretty sure I could live the next 3 days from all the eating we've done in the past 3 days.

We aren't done yet - we still have a thing to go to this weekend and then New Year's Day we've got to eat our cabbage and black eyed peas! I'd better go do some sit-ups :)

Happy Holidays! Happy New Year!!

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