Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Weekend featuring Special K Cereal

Yea, so it's the weekend. The weekends are good for sleeping late, dining out, and currently, Saints football (Who Dat!?).

Apparently, it's also for eating an entire box of Special K cereal...the kind with chocolate chunks. Now, I bought this cereal because I'm a woman on an on-going, everlasting, diet. And I like to eat cereal because I think it makes me healthier, right? "What did you have for dinner last night?" "Oh, I had cereal, the diet kind. You?" "I had pasta, veggies, and baked chicken." "Oh I'm eating too healthy these days for all that food!" This is what I I get fatter by the hour.

So, anyways, I usually have kid cereal for my brother but he ran out this week. The only cereal in the house was 2 boxes of my Special K - chocolate and the berry kind. Saturday morning I told him to eat a bowl of my cereal for breakfast. He said he didn't know he could (we have issues with yours, mine, and ours). I told him, no, it's fine, go on and eat some. It's a new box and I've had about a third of a bowl, I just wanted to try it out. It was so good! And really filled me up until lunch time.

My husband and I go to town to look at the Halloween stores for stuff. Not really for Halloween costumes, but for accessories for my comic-con costume for January. See, told you we're nerds. Any who, we're gone until the afternoon. Brother says he had "some" cereal for breakfast, then left over chicken nuggets and a bowl of soup for lunch. I bought him McDonald's for his dinner since hubby and I were going out. All is right in the world, right?

Sunday morning - I wake up with a strong craving for this chocolate-y cereal that is so healthy for me but not until after I've had a cup of coffee. I drink the coffee, go to the cabinet and pull out a very light feeling cereal box. I'm thinking, "Dang, it really is light! Must be healthy." I go to look inside (see I do this because I have issues with bugs. I don't like them at all. I check my pillows at night too. I'm sure we'll get into that.) So what do I see in this box?? It's almost ALL gone! "Some" cereal to Brother is like "all of it" to me. Yes, he ate almost an entire box of cereal Saturday. We've talked about it since and I explained to him, he eats every couple of hours, 1 bowl of cereal, surely, is enough until he eats again, right? I'd think so but we'll see how my Special K berry cereal holds up to the little chat.

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