Saturday, September 28, 2013

Teeth, Drugs, and Conspiracy Theories

It's very early for me to be awake on this Saturday morning! I've already been on the back porch drinking coffee. And either my neighbor behind me is already in his swimming pool or the squirrels are bathing - I should probably let someone know about that.

I'm up early today because yesterday I was drugged all day and took a nap. Couldn't sleep well last night but I made myself stay in the bed until 6:30.

About the drugs - All of my wisdom teeth came in when I was about 15 (thank God the old wives tale isn't true, or I wouldn't be here now!) So in the tiny, rinky-dink little town where I grew up there was like one dentist about 15 miles away. I went to this old fart and he apparently cut out the wrong teeth.  My wisdom teeth came on through and a few years back (during my wild child stage) I had a tongue ring. You accidentally bite down on those suckers a few times, and eventually they will break some teeth! I had one tooth in front that I had fixed a few years ago. Then last year I started having trouble with one of my top wisdom teeth. It broke and half of it came out, and I decided I'd better get the other half out. So I went to a dental surgeon - they have fancy titles, I just don't know what it is. Mr. Surgeon told me I'd need a "good" vein so I could be put under a "light" sedation. I was not happy - I'm afraid of needles AND I'd never been under sedation, like EVER. But I'm an adult and these things have to be done, right?

I made it out alive and I am very happy about that!! I prayed the whole way to lala land. I do remember that. I don't remember much from the dentists office to home but my husband tells me, I'm quite the conspiracy theorist even when I'm drugged. I'm a little different than most, I'm one of those who isn't TOTALLY convinced we went to the moon back when they said we did, Elvis was alive and not inside his coffin, and Tupac was living in Egypt after his "death". See, told ya, I'm a weird-o.

So, back to the drugs. Hubby tells me that I said, "They didn't even do anything. I could hear them talking the whole time." He tried to convince me they indeed took a tooth out. I said, "Nuhuh, watch, when I get home, I'm going to take this gauze out and my tooth is still going to be there." I don't remember saying this, but knowing myself as I do, I'm sure I probably did say that and a little more he isn't telling me.

So, I guess me drugged is about the same as me not drugged. I'm still my funny self, I just don't remember it. I'm going to say no to drugs for the rest of my life. Because if you know me, you know that I like to remember being the funniest person in the room :-)

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